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I recently ate lunch in the winelands again – how I suffer in the name of sourcing new information for my readers.

It was a glorious winter’s day – cloudless and windless, and we set off for our intended destination – ‘Taste’ on Klein Helderberg road. We were early and Taste had not opened yet. Someone directed us to a coffee shop next door. We almost didn’t bother, as we like something stronger than coffee with our lunch, although we don’t mind some coffee afterwards. And after all, wine is what I write about, so it was an essential ingredient for ‘research purposes’.

We walked next door to the ‘coffee shop’ – called In the Vine, and were met by a lovely scene – people sitting at prettily decorated tables on a deep, cool spacious patio with a majestic view of Helderberg mountain. In the Vine is more than just a coffee shop, and serves breakfasts and lunches, which range from light meals to luscious and hearty winter casseroles.

 I ordered a glass of Helderberg Sauvignon Blanc. My lunch companion ordered a glass of Ken Forrester Pinotage. The measures were generous, and I was impressed that wines from local wineries (as in stones-throw away local) made up the selection available. My glass of wine was refreshing and enjoyable.

We both had a butternut, mushroom and feta lasagne. If I was going to be picky, I would have to point out that the dish contained no traces of mushroom. However, it made up for it by being absolutely delicious.

We unexpectedly chanced upon a beautiful venue at the foot of the Helderberg – one that serves delicious food and boasts a stupendous view.